Aapke Saath Foundation Provides Daily Meals to Vulnerable Groups Across Cities


Since January 2022, Aapke Saath Foundation has been distributing food to those in need every weekend, occasion, festival, and other special days. However, since September 2022, the foundation has extended its food distribution program to provide daily meals to vulnerable groups across four cities: Pilibhit, Bareilly, Noida, and Delhi (East).
The foundation has been providing meals such as chole chawal, rajma chawal, aalu puri, matter paneer chawal, kadi chawal, and other vegetables and chapatis to elderly individuals, children on the streets, single mothers, and other vulnerable groups.
The distribution of food has been carried out in various locations throughout the community, and the foundation has been working tirelessly to ensure that no one goes hungry. The foundation’s volunteers have been working in close collaboration with Ms. Shivani Sharma, the volunteer head for food distribution, to ensure that the meals are delivered on time and efficiently.
Ms. Sharma, who has been instrumental in leading the food distribution efforts, said, “It’s heartening to see the positive impact that our food distribution program has had on the community. We are committed to continuing our efforts to ensure that no one goes hungry. We are grateful to all our volunteers and donors who have supported us in this mission.”
The foundation’s food distribution program has received widespread appreciation from the community, with many individuals and families expressing their gratitude for their support.
Speaking about the initiative, a spokesperson from Aapke Saath Foundation said, “Our mission is to provide support to those in need and make a positive impact on the community. We believe that everyone has the right to access nutritious food, and we are committed to working towards this goal. Our food distribution program is a small step in that direction, and we will continue to expand our efforts to reach more individuals and families in need.”
In conclusion, Aapke Saath Foundation’s daily food distribution program to vulnerable groups across four cities is a commendable initiative. The foundation’s efforts to provide nutritious meals on a daily basis to those in need are shining examples of how individuals and organizations can make a positive impact on the community. The foundation’s commitment to its mission of helping those in need is truly inspiring.

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