“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Food For Every Breath – Providing Nutritious Meals to Those in Need

Welcome to the ‘Food for Every Breath’ campaign, an initiative started by our NGO to provide nutritious meals to those who are struggling to afford them. We believe that no one should have to go hungry, and it is our responsibility as members of the community to support each other during difficult times.
Unfortunately, India is facing a severe hunger crisis, with millions of people at risk of starvation. A survey report indicates that 4500 children die daily due to malnutrition or hunger-related diseases, and over 24 lakh people go to bed hungry every night. According to The Global Food Policy Report 2022, this number is expected to increase to 73.9 million by 2030.
We cannot ignore the gravity of this situation, and that is why we are appealing to compassionate individuals like you to join us in our mission to end hunger in our communities. With just Rs. 42, we can provide a nourishing meal to someone in need, and every donation counts. Together, we can make a significant impact and ensure that no one has to sleep hungry.

Why This Campaign Is Important

  • India has a serious hunger problem with a high number of malnourished children, people sleeping on empty stomachs, and a large population at risk of hunger.
  • According to a survey report, 4500 children die every day in India due to malnutrition or hunger-related diseases.
  • The Global Food Policy Report 2022 projects that by 2030, the number of Indians at risk of hunger will be 73.9 million.
  • In the 2021 Global Hunger Index, India’s score of 27.5 indicates a serious level of hunger.
  • The number of people at risk of hunger could increase by 23% by 2030.
  • A significant portion of the Indian population, 56 crore people (40.6%), suffered from moderate or severe food insecurity in 2019-21.
  • Additionally, almost 973.3 million people in India cannot afford a healthy diet,

Our Approach

We aim to tackle the issue of hunger and malnutrition in India through our “Food For Every Breath” campaign. We conduct surveys and assessments to identify the most vulnerable communities, including children begging on the streets, orphaned children, slum dwellers, people living on the streets, migrants, senior citizens who are not fit to work, single mothers, widows, and anyone else who is sleeping on an empty stomach.
We provide these individuals with nutritious meals through our food distribution program. With each meal costing only Rs. 42, your donation can go a long way in feeding those who are in dire need of food.
In addition to providing food, we also believe in empowering individuals to earn their livelihood. Through our programs, we help identify skills and opportunities that can help people generate income and become self-sufficient.

Who Benefits from this campaign

1. Children begging on the street
2. Orphaned Children
3. Slum dwellers
4. People living on the street
5. Migrants living on the street
6. Senior Citizen is not fit to work
7. Single Mother, Widow.
8. whoever sleeping empty stomach.

You Can’t Feed Thousands than just Feed One

Need Your Support Now

We are calling on compassionate individuals like you to help us provide nutritious meals to those in need. With just Rs. 42, you can make a significant impact and help us end hunger in our communities. Your donation will go directly towards purchasing food and distributing it to vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and low-income families. Every donation counts, no matter how small. By donating to our ‘Food for Every Breath’ campaign, you will be helping us create a world where no one has to go hungry. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Please donate today and join us in the fight against hunger

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 1 meal cost?
Ans. 42/- Rs only.
2. In how many days will I receive the pictures of the donation?
Ans. The turnaround time for this campaign is 6 days.
3. Is the donation eligible for Tax Benefits?
Ans. Yes
4. How can I believe that you are not using old pictures of food distribution?
Ans. We will share with you pictures with timestamps of the donated packets marked with your name on them.
5. In which city is the donation carried out?
Ans. Delhi, Noida & U.P.
6. Can I join your campaign?
Ans. Yes, We always welcome you.
7. What is the minimum donation?
Ans. All donations are welcome from 1 Rs to whatever your heart allows.
8. Can we donate on monthly basis & how much?
Ans1. Yes,
Ans2. how much – You can donate 150Rs (5Rs/Day), 300Rs (10Rs/Day) monthly or whatever possible from your side.

We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are bringing a change in who’s life. Sponsor food packets for some and we will share with you a picture of the donated packets marked with your name on them.