What’s the best thing that one can do on their birthday?

There are many things you can do on your birthday.

Most of the times, we celebrate our birthday with our relative, friends and family. But there are many other thing one can do on his/her birthday

1. You can go to slums and have a birthday party with the children living there.

You can go to your nearest slum area or any unprivileged area. where any children are barely to have a healthy food.
you can give a one time delicious meal and a big smile on their face to them.

2. You can go for social work with some NGO.

3.You can spend your time with old people to get some life living experience.

You can go old age home and celebrate your birthday and get a cute smile on their face

4. You can give your old clothes and books to poor children who wants to study.

You can give old cloths, lunch box, school bag, books , biscuits, food to poor children.

5. Instead of partying, you can gift something to physically disable person which will help him to survive.

You can gift something to physically disable person like you can gift a wheel chair to a lame parson , you can gift a hearing machine to a deaf person. It is very difficult to find a needy person in a very busy schedule then you can donate to Aapke Saath Foundation they will give your gift to the needy person and also notify you that your gift is received.

Its time to do good work on your birthday

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