Education is the key factor in the development of the country and the people living over there. It refers to the ability of people to enjoy their right to freedom and benefit from resources, assets, income, and their own time. As well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well-being. It results in building the personality of an individual or we can say the pathway to human-development goes through the lanes of education.
There is no denying the fact that people in India have made noteworthy progress since Independence. However, even today, they still have to fight back against education. As we know Education is everyone’s right so It is the responsibility of all of us to reach the pen in every hand. So kindly join the upliftment of the society through our campaign SHIKSHA SABKA ADHIKAAR, in which AAPKE SAATH FOUNDATION organize various awareness program/camp, scholarship programs (who can’t afford the costs of schools), distribute books in various villages, unprivileged areas. you can also help us to reach our goal with some small donation. We are thankful for those who contributed directly or indirectly.

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