Celebrate Holi with Orphan kids

Not everyone’s Holi is as colourful and joyous as ours. We celebrate Holi with our family members, friends and colleagues. While people gearing up for Holi, some people who do not have a family,  who are less fortunate ones waiting that someone will come and give them some colours to celebrate Holi, give them new clothes to wear at the festival, and give some good food at the festival.

We feel sad for those so AAPKE SAATH FOUNDATION chose to celebrate this Holi with the kids at the orphanage. it was part of our objective of spreading love and happiness. It’s a pleasure to see smiles on their faces.

It’s time to add colours to the life of orphans and make this festival enjoyable for them. we have decided to provide colours, pichkaris, new clothes, healthy food, and sweets as a gift for these kids. but without your support we can’t achieve these smiles so please come forward and give them a favour for celebrating Holi, you can always think that someone celebrates Holi just because of you, and a child will give you blessings always.

AAPKE SAATH FOUNDATION TEAM requested to you guys please took some time from your busy schedules and please visit orphanages, go out in the park with them, purchased some colours, pichkari, and sweets for them, and enjoy the day with kids and play Holi there. It’ll give you immense happiness.

holi celebraton kids

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