Help Them To Survive This Freeze Winter

The winter season is in full swing. Many people enjoy snuggling into a warm blanket or quilt during the cold winter months, but there are countless homeless and poor people who struggle to survive, particularly during these months of chilly winter. Roughly half of the poor spend their winters out on the streets without blankets or woolen clothes, they have to battle for their lives throughout the night. so AAPKE SAATH FOUNDATION chose to take the initiative for needy and poor in the society. We have decided to give them blankets, caps, mufflers, and socks for those who are in need. Help them survive this winter by just some donation.

Support Him Now

This donation will consist of 2 products:
Winter essentials: Contains cap, muffler and socks for the poor and needy.
Cost: 100/-
Blanket: Give a blanket to a poor and needy and protect them from chilly winter.
Cost: 300/-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be donee?
Ans. Needy people who battle for their survival in winters.
2. In how many days will I receive the pictures of donation?
Ans. 10-12 days.
3. Is the donation eligible for Tax Benefit?
Ans. Yes
4. How can I believe that you are not genuine?
Ans. We will share with you pictures of the donated packets marked with your name on them.
5. In which city is the donation carried out?
Ans. Delhi, Noida & U.P.
6. What is the minimum donation?
Ans. All donations are welcome from 1Rs to whatever your heart allow.
7. Can we donate on monthly basis & how much?
Ans1. Yes, you can join our campaign small charity big impact
Ans2. how much – 150Rs (5Rs/Day), 300Rs (10Rs/Day), 750(25Rs/Day) monthly or whatever possible from your side.