Planning for celebrating your birthday?

Celebrate your Birthday either by distributing Food or by Cutting Cake with them or by throwing a Birthday Party for them.
Happiness is only real when shared. Have you ever celebrated your Birthday with these children? If not then we humbly appeal to you to celebrate all your and your loved ones happy moments like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with them and thus provide them with warmth, love and affection and bring happiness in their lives. 
We ensure 100% transparency with picture proof of each donation with the sponsor’s name. Sponsor food packets or Cake or throw a Birthday Party for them and we will share a video with you from the kids that you have donated for. The distribution will be carried out by our partner NGOs.

What you can donate?

1. Food Packets : 
Let’s celebrate your or a loved one’s birthday by giving food packets to underprivileged children and receiving video greetings from them.
The Food Packet consists of 4 Chapatis and a Sabzi or Puri and Chole or Rice and Chole.
Transparency Methods
Donors will get photographic proof with the sponsor’s name on Food Packets and also video wishes from them.
2. Birthday Cake: 
You can celebrate your birthday in a unique way. And what better way to celebrate than by sharing cake with the less fortunate children? It is a celebration for all those who usually do not have much to celebrate about.
Transparency Methods
Donors will get photographic proof with the sponsor’s name on the cake, a cake-cutting video, and also video wishes from the kids.
3. Birthday Party:
We cannot imagine a birthday without cake and gifts and the amazing food that mom cooks. It is almost a necessity. But that is only because we are privileged enough. There are those who don’t get to see a proper meal every day. So let’s throw your or a loved one party for the needy kids.
This Party will consist of:
A Banner with the Sponsor’s name on it
There will be snacks provided for the kids.
one-time meals for kids.
Cake Cutting by the underprivileged kids.
4. Celebration kit :
The celebration kit consists of 1 samosa, 1 chips packet, 1 biscuit, 1 sweet, 1 slice of cake (Pastries), and 1 cold drink.

Transparency Methods
Donors will get photographic proof with the sponsor’s name on the cake, on the banner, and on the gifts. Donors will also receive birthday party videos so they may witness how their contributions have improved the lives of disadvantaged children by making them joyful.

The cost for one Food Packet is 42 Rs.
The cost for one Cake per KG is 400 Rs.
The cost for the celebration kit is 80 Rs.
The cost of a Birthday party for 15 -17 kids is 4100Rs.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. In which city is the donation carried out?
Ans. Delhi , Bareilly and Pilibhit .
2. In how many days will I receive the pictures of the donation?
Ans. The turnaround time for this campaign is 3 days.
3. Is the donation eligible for Tax Benefits?
Ans. Yes, you can claim an 80G donation receipt by filling out the form that you receive in the email after the donation.
4 . In how many days will I receive the pictures of the donation?
Ans. Food Packets – 3 Days
Cake – 6 Days
Birthday Party- 6 Days

5 What is the size of the cake?
Ans. The Cake size is 1 kg and for the birthday party cake size is 3kg.