1. Cultural Mapping Project

Musicians, designers, dancers, crafters, writers .have you taken action to put yourself or your creativity on the map? The Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries and the Cultural Development Foundation have launched the cultural mapping project so we can Map It 2 Tap It!

The cultural Map will – identify and promote our cultural and arts resources – make it easier for people to connect with you –as well as help development organizations and government understand the needs of the industry.


Who should register? All traditional and contemporary individual artistes, groups, cultural organizations, creative businesses, events, historical and cultural sites,  resource centres, training facilities, promoters, managers, service providers who work in arts, culture and creative industry. To get yourself mapped, head over to the Aai ShreeFoundation and stay tuned for more information…

It’s our Culture! Let’s Map it 2 Tap It!



2. Project Blue


Project BLUE coming soon !