ART-from all walks of life


We believe art is an innate call for everyone.

ASF aims at reviving, preserving, and protecting, the rural and tribal art and artisans of our country, enabling and empowering them to reclaim their talent and earn livelihood through their creations.


Our rural and tribal folks are some of the most talented artists our country boasts of. The cutthroat race of survival, however, more often than not forces them to give up their art for more ‘realistic’ and ‘practical’ ways of earning livelihood. ASF has taken up the tough task of bringing them to limelight and saving their art. Let’s all do our bit to help these artisans do what they do best – create!


We need your monetary help to find, finance, and support tribal and rural artists.

We must act now as many of the concerned art styles are already seeing their last generation of artists.


Over time, the economic circumstances have forced these creators to abandon their skill due to lack of opportunities and mediums to showcase their art. They were never recognized as a valuable piece of artwork by the critics and the masses, hence degrading the monetary value of their creations down to null. They do not enjoy an appropriate exposure to the mainstream market of arts and crafts, and thereby, are limited to their local geography to sell their product.


On the other hand, there are artists who unfortunately cannot follow their passion because of the scarcity of resources and the weight of responsibilities and liabilities on their shoulders. They never reach the stage of selling, since they do not have the supplies to create their art in the first place.

Your money will be used:

  • fund art research. We will deploy various small teams across several Indian states to scour for artists in hiding for want of exposure.
  • To provide these artists with supplies and financial support to bring their enthusiasm back to their domain of expertise, all the while taking care of the marketing and logistics for them.
  • to collect, frame, imitate existing artworks and restore the ones on the edge of perishing.
  • to acquire raw materials and equipment for framing, storing, packaging etc.
  • to conduct exhibitions of the collected artworks and bring the artists in limelight.
  • engage representatives from arts, environmental, and educational organizations as well as businesses and local governments
  •  acquiring a larger storefront with space for sorting, organizing, and displaying donated materials and conducting workshops
  •  procuring funding for ongoing program activities


The goal we have set is by no means even close to what these artisans deserve, or need, but it’s a start. We urge you to join hands with us, contribute in whatever way you can, little or big, to further the cause. We have all led a life of privilege, we understand what it means to pursue our dreams. Let’s not let these creators of masterpieces be exempt from experiencing that joy. Their art deserves equal esteem.